Insomnia can do more than make you tired throughout your day.  According to McKinsey and Company, it can impact your cognitive abilities and overall quality of life.  They offer three solutions to help you fall and stay asleep.

  • Read for fun. Select material that has nothing to do with work.  Choose something you’re personally interested in but haven’t had time to read.  A word of warning:  rather than reading on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, which emit blue light, read a paper book or use a kindle device. 
  • Scan your body. Mindfully move your awareness into your body, noticing emotions, physical sensations and urges that exist.  Start with your toes and slowly scan upwards to the top of your head.  
  • Take a bath in Epsom salt. Studies show that hydrated magnesium sulphate absorbed through the skin helps deactivate adrenalin.  Supplements might also help address your body’s shortage of magnesium.