The learning-to-love-failure movement is a growing one.   New York Times contributor Rachel Simmons writes that accepting failure and moving on takes practice.  She offers three ways to teach yourself how to get up after a disappointment or an outright fiasco. 

 Simmons advises her Smith College students to ask themselves, “What’s the worst that can happen,”followed by three more questions:  “Can I deal with that outcome?  What resources do I have to handle it?  What are the possible benefits of failure, even if this situation doesn’t work out?” 

Don’t let distorted thinking take over, or pretend the mistake never happened. To put things into perspective, remember that you’re more than your mistake, remind yourself of past successes, and practice self-compassion.  Offer yourself the same grace you’d give to others.  It will reduce shame and anxiety in the aftermath of a setback.