You impact the experience of inclusion in your workplace. So, don’t wait for a training program, a new company policy or for an expert to share best practices. With the positive intention of fostering constructive connection, take the initiative to reach out to others.

Take simple steps like showing a new person around and introducing her to your teammates, or colleagues in other departments. Invite a coworker who tends to eat alone to join you for lunch, or bring your lunch and ask to sit and chat with him. When new project or assignments come up, suggest the names of team members, and, who aren’t often considered for such opportunities. Be sure to specify what they might contribute. And, interact across silos. You might share a cup of coffee or tea with a person from another department. Get to know more about what he does. Demonstrate your respect and appreciation for her role in the organization.

It’s what we do day-to-day that makes diversity and inclusion a reality.

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