I’m going to invite you to join me in a challenge inspired by a New York Times Smarter Living article. Tim Herrera writes that if you’re not all in, say no. Yes, there are obligations that you must fulfill – like feeding the kids, going to work or doing laundry. But, when it comes to requests that don’t all-out excite you, join me and practice saying no. Make a more active choice in how you spend your discretionary time.

It can be hard to tell a friend you don’t want to attend the gathering, or your boss that you don’t want to go to happy hour tonight. But, if you’re only so-so about it, saying no won’t bring your world crashing down.

Instead, saying no could earn you more respect. It could give you more time to focus on things that truly feel good and energize you. Saying no could also stop that cycle of over-commitment or lessen the strain on your wallet. The next time a tepid offer comes your way, kindly decline.