6 Leadership Styles That Inspire & Motivate

According to Forbes.com contributor Joseph Folkman, inspiration and motivation top the list of what employees crave from their leaders. But people who lead are falling dramatically short on delivering. One possible reason – their approach may not come from a place of authenticity.

There are many ways to lead so that others want to follow. Folkman offers these six styles, with a recommendation of finding one that naturally suits you.

  • There’s the Visionary. Forward thinking and strategic.
  • The Enhancer is focused on positive relationships.
  • The Driver is deadline focused and always delivers, no matter what.
  • The Principled leader emphasizes integrity and expects no one to compromise their ethics.
  • The Enthusiast is passionate, dynamic and high energy.
  • Finally, the Expert provides up-to-date business intel and finds innovative solutions through their love of knowledge.

Which of these inspiring leadership styles best fits you?