“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This proverb, attributed to Buddhists, speaks to the very nature of the laws of attraction. When we’re poised to take on something new, we begin noticing things around us that can move us toward our goals.

Our brains, bombarded with incalculable stimuli, are selective about what they allow us to truly take in. We see and hear that with which we resonate. We can consciously choose to use that same approach to find solutions to problems; even better, we can use it to focus on our goals.

The first step is deciding what your goals are. Once you start developing a plan, you may start noticing how much help and guidance is within reach. You may become aware of simple things like ads that relate to your situation, people you meet with whom you share a common pursuit, and so on.

You’ll go far if you simply take advantage of your newly heightened awareness and the opportunities presented.