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If you’re looking for a mentor, show up as a great prospect.  Here are characteristics a number of senior leaders say they look for in mentees.  Someone who:

  • Knows their strengths and wants to learn how to fully leverage them.
  • Has strong opinions, is willing to express and substantiate them, while remaining open, flexible and receptive to others’ ideas.
  • Respects the existing organizational reality AND is an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker who is willing to take risks.
  • Owns her decisions and is accountable for the consequences.
  • Wants to learn; is teachable and coachable.
  • Has goals which can serve as a focal point for the relationship.
  • Willing to ask for help
  • Is confident.

Demonstrate these capacities and strengths as you search for a mentor, or interact with the one you have.

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