Ad-Language-MessagingI enjoy ads and commercials. The good ones stick with me. I’m impacted by their images, sounds and words. The best ones have a dramatic tagline or slogan – a succinct, repeatable core message about the product or service that conveys the essence of what the company wants you to believe and remember. They’re designed to motivate you to act.

Take BMW for example – “the ultimate driving machine.” Or, Disney’s “the happiest place on earth.” Inspiring messages that captivate the imagination as they describe the special value, benefit or experience you’ll have. The same words, every time, repeated ad after ad, across all media platforms.

This strategic use of words and phrases is also effective in getting buy-in and keeping your team focused on their goals. You can use a tagline or slogan in your workplace to shape the way employees think and behave, to keep everyone’s focus aligned – all moving in the same direction around important initiatives. Timely repetition is a proven way to inspire people to positive action.

Whether you’re preparing for a product launch, sales presentation, an announcement about organizational changes or an important talk at home with your kids or significant other, use these simple tips to create a clear, compelling message that will make you more influential:

  • Distill your message down to its essence – the essential few words that convey the core substance and spirit of what you want listeners to remember. Choose words that spark possibilities and evoke feelings.
  • Make the message easy for others to recall and repeat. Keep it simple – one sentence will do.
  • Repeat the message often to remind others and demonstrate your commitment to it.

It’s important to repeat your message often to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the vision you are working to make reality – no matter when they entered into the process.

Slogans and taglines work well for advertisers, but they‘re also an effective tool for leaders who want to influence outcomes. Simple messaging can be a unifying force that facilitates clarity, and insures efforts are focused and aligned.

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