Unlock the Hidden Forces That Are Working Against You

Childhood experiences still shape the way we react to the world. That’s even true at work. Things that hurt us as children, and the methods we developed to cope, are foundational to our world view. They affect the way we deal with people and situations that arise today.

Although we can’t reverse painful experiences, we can recognize that they drive the way we address challenges and respond to others. Once we understand some of the hidden forces that control our behavior, we can develop informed, emotionally intelligent reactions.

This is an important step toward building self-awareness — a major component of emotional intelligence. Start by reflecting on pivotal situations that shaped your perception of yourself and the world. Journaling is an effective tool that will allow you to look at these moments honestly and objectively. When facing any crisis, your journal can help put your unique life history into perspective and foster mature, highly-valued interpersonal skills.