Are you plagued by a task that you know you must do, but just can’t bring yourself to complete? That email you need to write? That call you have to make? That conversation you’ve been putting off?  You’re not alone. No matter how on top of things you are, there are still times when you engage in avoidance self-sabotage.

Even New York Times Contributor Tim Herrera says he’s guilty of putting unpleasant things off. According to his recent editorial, procrastinating in this way tricks us with a false and temporary sense of relief. It creates a spiral that leads to prolonged inaction. But the only cure for avoidance self-sabotage is to step up and just take care of it.

You’ll experience genuine relief once that thing no longer takes up space in your head. Herrera says it’s important to show self-compassion. So, don’t beat yourself up for taking so long to act. Today, for the good of your mental and emotional health, do that thing you’ve been avoiding.