The leaders in the room were Baby Boomers and members of Generation X. The panelists were Millennials. I was their facilitator for a candid conversation. Here’s how the panelists answered questions about how they want to be managed.

The Millennials said they want feedback – clear, honest communication about what they’re doing that’s working well and where they’re meeting expectations. They also want to know where they’re hindering progress and could be more effective. According to this group, they want their leaders to know they’re not fragile – they can handle the truth. The bottom line: they want to know where they stand – good or bad.

If it affects them, Millennials want to be part of the decision-making and implementation processes. They’re eager to provide input, adding their voice and perspective.

They believe that their life-long familiarity with technology can help older colleagues find easier ways to get things done.