It happens to all of us. You’re cruising through your day, then suddenly something completely unexpected happens. The boss springs a new project on you, or an unforeseen crisis occurs with a customer. Anxiety amps up and angst sets in.

Here are two truths to soothe your psyche. First, no one is promised a 100% smooth sail. Not even you. Learn to expect and accept the unexpected. Find ways to work through feelings anger or upset when the reality of your day knocks you off your perfectly planned path. Plans are useful, and they’re just one idea about how things should go.

Secondly, know that whatever the issue, there is a solution, even if it’s not readily apparent while your brain is awash with cortisol and adrenaline. Your best strategy is to breath. Relax. Take a walk. Meditate. Calm down. Then, you’ll be ready and able to triage the situation and search for solutions.