Thanksgiving initiates a season of celebration that lasts for nearly five weeks. For so many of us, a festive air prevails that permeates life, even in the workplace.

We enjoy celebratory lunches and dinners with colleagues and friends. We laugh and dance the night away at the company holiday party. Bring in savory treats to add to the department’s buffet table. We may even give small gifts as tokens of appreciation for support or contribution.

This holiday season give thanks. Every day, to someone in your world, at home or at work, say, “Thank you. I appreciate you. I’m glad to know and work with you. Thanks for what you contribute. I’m proud of your accomplishments. I enjoy working with you.” Give thanks, the priceless gift that’s sure to be valued and remembered. Giving thanks is a gift that keeps giving long after the holiday season has ended. Thank you for tuning in to Office Talk.   All the best!


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