Say-Thank-YouThanksgiving initiates a season of celebration that lasts for nearly five weeks.  For so many of us, a festive air prevails that permeates life, even in the workplace.

We enjoy celebratory lunches and dinners with colleagues and friends. We laugh and dance the night away at the company holiday party.  Bring in savory treats to add to the department’s buffet table. We may even give small gifts as tokens of appreciation for support or contribution.  But nothing beats a genuine, heart-felt “thank you.”  It fulfills our basic human need to be thought of as valuable, appreciated and just plain liked.

The rise of social media and the extreme importance placed on “likes” demonstrates how much we enjoy the approval of others. It boosts our sense of worthiness.  Unfortunately, we’ve gotten away from showing appreciation face to face with actual spoken words — so much so, that when gratefulness is delivered the old fashion way, it stands out. As much as we want it, “thank you” can be uncomfortable to give or receive. But saying or hearing it is well worth any temporary discomfort.

This holiday season, go old-school and give the gift of “thank you.”  Not in an email, in social media or even by way of a card. Speak the words every day, to someone in your world, at home or at work, say,

“Thank you.”

“I appreciate you.”

“I’m glad to know and work with you.”

“Thanks for what you contribute.”

“I’m proud of your accomplishments. You make us look good.”

“I enjoy working with you.”

Give thanks, the priceless gift that’s sure to be valued and remembered.  Your “thank you” is a gift that will keep on giving long after the holiday season has ended.  And you’ll find that it is a gift for you, the giver, as well.

Thank you for reading my Spirit of Purpose blog.  All the best!

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