How to Restore or Earn Trust In Any Relationship

In the workplace and in life, past behavior patterns are seen as trustworthy predictors of future performance. Others judge us based on our history – whether experienced directly, inferred from a resume or by another person.

Researchers who study social systems suggest that past behavior defines our reputation, determines how much others trust us and influences the degree to which they’re willing to be helpful.   Since the workplace and our households are social systems, these rules most definitely apply. But if you fear you’ve lost the trust of someone you value, all is not lost. There are proven ways to regain trust and restore your reputation for being reliable and worthy.

This simple practice, over time, will help you shift your reputation with anyone. Make promises and keep them. Actively seek opportunities to make a promise you know you can keep, then deliver on it in the agreed upon the timeframe and quality standards.

Keeping promises has many benefits that allow you to shine. According to, breaking them communicates that you don’t value the person to whom you made the promise. Conversely, keeping promises actively says that you do value that person, which knocks down a major barrier to trust. People will go a long way for someone they feel values them.

You can repair a damaged reputation or build a solid one if you consistently stay the course. Be true to your good word and watch how trust builds.