Why You Shouldn’t Let Slow Progress Frustrate You

I recently found a quote from an unknown source that read, “Some quit due to slow progress. Never grasping the fact that slow progress is progress.” It was a reminder that hit home and one that I think we could benefit from re-learning.

In our “right now” world, we forget that everything is not lightening fast, especially achieving goals and seeing the impact of changes. Some goals require patience and perseverance. There’s great value in the learned ability to notice, acknowledge, appreciate and count small bits of progress as progress. Some things – especially big things — take time.

Each step in a complicated, lengthy process is an important one, no matter how small. Even set backs can inform how you move forward. The old adage, “patience is a virtue” still applies today. That saying may carry even more weight now, particularly if you’re often disappointed when you don’t achieve quick success or feel instant gratification.