Simple Way To Use Nature As A Relaxation Tool

Researchers at the University of Sussex in England have proof that the sounds of nature promote relaxation and wellbeing. They discovered that the brain reacts differently to man-made sounds than it does to natural sounds found in the outdoors.

How can you put that to use in your daily life? Try listening to recorded sounds of nature during your commute instead of music on your headphones or the car stereo. When you need to relax your mind during the day, pull up sounds of nature on your computer or your smart phone. If you can step outdoors, tune out the mechanical noise and listen for birds chirping or the sound of a gentle breeze moving through the trees.

At the end of your day, lie in your favorite comfortable spot and listen to nature’s audio. It can help you relax and sleep better. Sometimes we forget that we humans are part of the natural order. Listening to nature’s sounds allows us to reconnect and ground our being.