Are you dealing with a complex situation?

One where you’re unclear about the issues, who to involve and in what way?  If the path forward is unclear, try this: Grab paper and pen and draw the situation. Map it out. Include all the players – those who are actively involved, as well as those who have a vested interest in the outcome.  Use symbols and colors to represent the players. Write their name on their symbol.

Draw the boundaries and interconnections between them. Illustrate the energy and feelings of the relationships through colors. Use thick, jagged or broken lines for places of tension, dotted line for relationship where commitment is tentative and low.  Use no words, just symbols and colors.

Then step back and look at the image.  See what new perspectives and insights occur to you.  Look for new ideas about what seems to be the next right action.  Externalizing what you’ve been carrying around in your head will help you see things more objectively and with fresh eyes.