As one who has committed her professional pursuits to helping others become more self-aware – more attuned to the degree to which their intentions and impact align, hear me out: if you’re a boss who tends to be moody, it’s hard for your reports and colleagues to relax and feel safe in your presence. Moodiness diminishes trust.

If you lack control over your moods, consider this: when your frame of mind is likely to diminish the probability of constructive engagement, postpone the meeting or delay the decision. In support of healthy workplace relationships, there may be times when it’s best to step out of the action, rather than risk a quality of interaction that leaves others feeling devalued, disrespected, treated unfairly, judged or blamed.

If you’re the boss, you have a responsibility to consistently find way to create a work environment marked by trust and mutual respect. Being in charge of your mood plays a big role in effecting that outcome.

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