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As we planned the all-hands meeting, at my encouragement, the leadership team decided to invite the CEO to come and make opening remarks. The room was filled with department members from the ranks of management, staff and the union.

The President’s message was simple:  be mindful of how you show up, every day.  His message was aimed at everyone, level aside.  He talked about the power each person has to make the workplace better – more productive and efficient, more inclusive and respectful, more collaborative and empowering.  He charged everyone in the room to think of themselves as a leader, a person of influence.  He asked them to, daily, regardless of their position, do one thing that lets a colleague know they are appreciated and their efforts matter.  He encouraged this diverse group to take individual responsibility for co-creating a work environment they feel good about.  His comments charged the room with energy and enthusiasm.  How about having a talk with your team?

As we move into a new year, one that will be filled with opportunities and threats, it’s the perfect time to assess and adjust your attitude about your role in the workplace.   You can start by asking yourself these 10 questions:


A worthy goal is to make 2015 an emotionally intelligent one – a year that will allow you to grow by facing issues head on, using tools that have been proven to work by so many successful leaders.  By doing so, you improve your outlook as well as your company’s ability to navigate the new and different times ahead.

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