Office Talk

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Begin your next meeting with an activity that jumpstarts the conversation. Here’s how:

After discussing the meeting’s purpose, objectives and agenda, present one or more of the following statements and ask attendees to respond:

1.  “To support the success of our meeting, I will…”

2.  “It would facilitate our work if the team…” 

3.  “To make that happen, I’ll do my part.  I will…” 

You can take it one step further.  When you want to consciously encourage participants to stretch outside of their comfort zone and grow, invite them to make the following pledge:  “In service to learning something new, and seeing things from a different perspective, I will not make assumptions.  I will question what I think I know.”

Engaging participants will make your next meeting more meaningful, your outcomes more impactful and your team more willing and able to contribute to your company’s success.

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