Office Talk

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Carol was recruited to create change.  Her expertise was just what the company needed…or so they said.

One day, after yet another barrage from her team of, “That won’t work here.” “We tried that before.”  “The company will never go for that.” Uncontrollably, she blurted out, “I don’t buy that!  It is doable.  We can make it work.”

She surprised herself…and then, the team surprised her.  They found a way to make that idea work, and many others.  Today, she no longer has to say a thing. If it’s an idea that’s good for business, and the naysayers chime in, someone in the group will say, “I don’t buy that.  We can do this.  Let’s figure out how.”

If you’ve been brought on board to jumpstart a team that’s been together too long — a team that has great potential, but is stuck on past failures and false starts, adding value that you were employed to contribute.  Challenge limited thinking with, “It is possible.”  Push for results with, “Let’s find a way to make it work.”


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