Sad WomanDo you ever feel like you just want to whine and complain about your job, your boss, your company, your partner, your life?  We all do.  It’s normal, but there might be good buried beneath the bad feelings on the surface.

While we call these feelings negative, they actually hold positive potential.  Don’t ignore them.  Think of negative emotions as a call from your own inner wisdom.  It’s your spirit asking you to pay attention to You!

So, with a compassionate listening ear, give your complaints your full attention.  Ask yourself, “Instead of [insert whatever you’re complaining about], what do I really want and need?  What would be more satisfying?”  What is the positive for which I am yearning?  What would I rather be doing?  How would I prefer things to be?  When you get the answer, start taking steps in that direction.

Even starting small can give you a big sense of satisfaction, and it’s the emotionally intelligent thing to do.   Write down your plan of action or the ultimate outcome you desire.  Visualizing something that you can work toward provides much needed perspective and motivation.

Your complaints could hold the seed of your next inspired action – a move that could change your life for the better.

LIES That Limit“Complaining can help you feel unburdened, but it won’t lift your spirits, allowing you to soar.”

~ Excerpt from LIES That Limit: Uncover: Uncover the Truth of Who You Really Are 

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