What Made Businesses Great In 2001 Still Works Today

Jim Collin’s book Good to Great” was written in 2001. The “Level 5 Leaders” he wrote about were most effective at producing high returns. But by their very nature, Level 5 Leaders aren’t in the headlines. Their accomplishments are rarely showcased as examples of success. But they deserve to be celebrated.

What is a Level 5 Leader? Someone who takes responsibility when things go wrong. They gives other credit when things go well. Level 5 Leaders let their high standards be a source of inspiration and a guiding beacon.

They are patient, but unrelenting — determined to do what it takes to produce great results. They select others who will strengthen the business, making it even better than they have.

I celebrate those who embody or strive to embrace Level 5 Leadership. I look forward to the day, in organizations and government, when humility is celebrated and rewarded as richly as bravado.