Effective Way to Boost Your Skills Inventory

Are you looking for a proven way to boost your skills? Do you want to understand a concept or process more deeply, or demonstrate competency in a new area? If so, put yourself on the spot by offering or accepting an opportunity to teach others about the topic.

Teach formally. Put together a class for your company, or volunteer to present to colleagues in your field through a related professional association. Offer to be a guest speaker for a college class. You can also teach informally through conversations, coaching, mentoring or by providing quick, helpful tips at staff meetings.

When you teach a new concept, process or mindset, you’re forced to learn it more thoroughly. While preparing, you’ll uncover new levels of knowledge that you can put into practice. You’ll also increase the value you bring to your business. As a result, you might just open up new opportunities for more meaningful work and increased prosperity.