Black and white 3d people on puzzles shaking handsIs there someone in your workplace who you feel is exactly your opposite?  Perhaps, a bit of a thorn in your side?  You don’t understand her thought process or agree with how he operates.  He’s annoying.  She’s difficult to deal with.

News flash:  this person may be just the thorn in your side you need.  Instead of moving away, move closer.  Get to know the person.  Ask questions to better understand her thinking or his approach. 

Don’t shut down; open up and grow.  For example, if he is good at stirring things up, while your tendency is to calm things down, you have something to learn about the catalyzing value inherent in tension.  He can help you.   Is your opposite always cracking jokes when you think seriousness is in order?  Or do they take an emotional rather than a rational approach to problem solving? 

Maybe she’s the person who slows down a process that you believe should be handled quickly.  She wants to think it through, consider the consequences, not act hastily.   You’re a fast decision maker who processes information rapidly and doesn’t mind taking risks.  Keeping things moving is what you prefer.  But different situations call for different approaches.  Tremendous benefit can come from slowing down, stepping back and gathering more information before proceeding.  Then again, some situations do require quick action.  It is good to embrace the idea that you both provide value.

So, stop judging the person you see as your opposite.  Instead, consider the ways he or she may be just the teacher you need – a teacher who brings the gift of expanding the your range and competency.

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