Career CoachWhen New York Times Editor Jill Abramson was fired, she was in the process of working with a career consultant who was helping her address some of the “management style” problems that reportedly did her in. Understanding how you’re perceived by others at work is invaluable knowledge that can be put to use to enhance your career growth, but it is only one way a career coach can help you succeed.  Although the expertise of career coaches is typically reserved for those at the very top, no matter where you are in your career, a coach can provide benefits that focus your efforts and accelerate your journey to your career goals.

If you’re the midst of a career transition and are planning to make your next big move, consider this:

  • A specialist in career coaching can help you inventory your skills and talents. Most people are caught up in their own weeds, unable to extract the career boosting qualities and experience that will resonate with prospective employers.
  • They can skillfully tell you the things you don’t want to hear and the things others around you might be afraid to tell you.  They will also give you an honest assessment about where you need to change, improve or get more education and training.
  • A coach can work with you to clarify what you really want in your next job. They can identify new and interesting ways to use your current skills, and point you in the direction of opportunities that align with your authentic self and lifestyle preferences.
  • They can help you develop your resume, refine your job search strategy, mine your network for leads, and stay focused and on track.
  • They’ll boost your confidence and ability to sell yourself.  If your current boss isn’t telling you what you’re good at and why you’re valuable, a coach can uncover those attributes and show you how to package them.
  • Look for a career coach who asks questions that expand your thinking.  Seek out an empathic listener who demonstrates a creative approach to the issues you present and encourages you to try new behaviors and strategies.  Your coach should feel like an advocate and partner.

To start your search, ask trusted sources for referrals. Then, check references. The services of a career coach can turbo-charge your career and propel you into the career of your dreams.


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