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Gallup recently released data that say as much as 70% of Americans feel they are not reaching their full potential and have negative feelings about their jobs and employers.  That’s an army of expensive, wasted talent.

If you’re among the 70% who are unfulfilled and unhappy, here are two ideas that can shift the way you think, feel and behave: 

  • First, when things happen at work, don’t take them personally! Remember, like you, everyone is living in their own, private world, coping with the unique pressures and stresses they experience.
  • Each day, as you prepare for work, search your mind and heart for one thing about your job that you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s your paycheck, benefits, coworkers, or the fact that work gives you a reason to get up and engage with the world. Write down one positive aspect of your job and think about it throughout the day.

You have the power to have a BIG, positive impact on your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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