Whether delivering a keynote, facilitating a learning experience or coaching clients, today, there’s a lot of buzz about Inclusion. People seem to feel more comfortable with the concept than they are with the term Diversity. I understand their thinking and respect their feelings.

Yet, the not-so-subtle reality is Inclusion becomes a viable possibility only when we see differences, value them versus judging them, and shift the culture – organizational and societal – through changes in formal policies and day-to-day practices. We have to make room for all healthy, constructive ways of being to coexist; all contributing to whatever positive end we’re involved in co-creating.

To strengthen the experience of inclusion in your world, keep your eyes and heart wide open. See, value, respect and utilize the wide range of diversity around you, and within in you – differences in personal styles, hierarchical and functional mindsets, as well as, cultural realities.


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