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When we like people, it’s easy to work with or for them.  If we like them a lot, we look forward to interaction.  But what happens if we don’t like a colleague?  For some reason, we just don’t get along with them or can’t find their redeeming qualities.

Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Step back and ask yourself, “Why don’t I like this person?  What is it that their behavior is bringing up for me to examine?  Is the quality I don’t like in them also present in me, and I don’t see it readily?
  • Remember, you’re looking at an outer behavior without understanding the why, the back story.  Get to know the person and understand what really makes them tick.
  • True professionals find ways to work well with everyone.  They intentionally look for the best in others, and because they do, they find it.

There is no doubt we produce better results when we like the people with whom we work, and they share a similar feeling about us.  Make fostering good relationships a cornerstone in your strategy for success.

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