According to Gallup, today’ employees treat their job search like they treat their shopping.  They have lots of information and options, and they don’t see the need to settle for a job that’s not right for them.  

Central to today’s job search:  company culture, lifestyle compatibility, the ability to make a difference and transparency.  If your culture is not great, don’t try to create the illusion that it is.  Prospects have easy access to online information that reveals how existing or previous employees really feel about the company and its leadership.

When crafting your hiring message, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are we targeting, and how will the ideal candidates find us?  
  • How is our culture reflected in our branding and job advertising?  
  • When it comes to attributes of culture and leadership, what attracts the best candidates?
  • How do we source successful candidates and ensure that what we offer aligns with what they want?