Korn Ferry reports hate crimes against Asians in the US increased by a stunning 150% in 2020.  We’ve heard about the murder of six Asian women in Atlanta, and the assaults on elderly Asians as they move through our city streets, going about their daily routine.   

Generally, our workplaces are a microcosm of society.  As such, this raises questions:  

  • How are Asians faring in your workplace?  
  • Are you creating forums – one-on-one or in groups – where you listen to their experiences and concerns?  
  • What adaptive moves are you making to create a more inclusive and equitable playing field for this group of contributors?  
  • Are you educating your workforce, including those who make hiring, developmental, and promotional decisions on Anti-Asian racism and implicit bias?  
  • Do you have strategies in place to increase the number of Asian in visible leadership roles, as well as in functional areas beyond technology, engineering and finance?