While women are about 50% of the US workforce, on average, we still earn 20% less than men for the same work.  Gender-based inequality remains a reality.  Not enough women lead companies or have a seat at tables where policy is established, and resources allocated.  

When will the US achieve gender parity?  The World Economic Forum asked that question.  The answer shocked me:  in 208 years, if change proceeds as it has.  In a Harvard Business Review article, Melinda Gates came to the rescue. She set forth strategies for making measurable progress with gender parity by 2030.  She tells leaders to ask these questions, and more, “Across levels and functional areas, how well are women represented in our company?  Does our workplace work for women and families?  Are we creating pathways into non-traditional role for women? Then, do we support them, so they succeed and move into key leadership positions?