Whether you’re going to your own company’s holiday party, your significant other’s, or something thrown by a client or colleague, remember these important survival tips:

1) Dress appropriately. The parts of you that shouldn’t be shown at work also shouldn’t be shown at the company parties, even if the party is on Saturday night.

2) Avoid provocative behavior. No dirty dancing, distasteful joke telling, and definitely no crossing the line with co-workers who are off limits. Alcohol induced promises about “what happens at the party stays at the party” can’t be trusted.

3) If this is your first company party, or the first time you’re accompanying someone to theirs, keep it professional. Know your drinking limit. Switch to club soda before your inhibitions are lowered and you end up saying or doing something you can’t take back.

Remember, what you do in work-related social settings can affect your reputation and career.

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