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Do you allow LIES to limit you? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.  LIES are labels, illusions, excuses and stories that exist in your mind, just out of awareness.  They shape your thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions.  LIES lead to detours on your path to happiness.  They short-circuit your ability and willingness to change and grow.  LIES cause you to work against your own dreams and desires.  They lead to the most insidious kind of enmity – self-sabotage.

One illusion that has a some of us in its grip is the idea that going for more of what you want – the proverbial bird in the bush – means you’re ungrateful, especially when there’s nothing wrong with the bird in hand.

Reaching for more doesn’t have to be preceded by failure, problems or complaints. We are inherently generative and creative.  We naturally reach for the next thing, even when everything is already good.  Never settle. Don’t complain.  Focus on the good and keep going for more.


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