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Len is a visionary. That’s one of his strengths –one that he sometimes feels is more burden than asset.  Why?  Because to the members of his organization, his ever-evolving aspirations feel like, “Here we go again!  He’s on to something else!  He’s never satisfied!  Before we really get going with his last great idea, he’s off to the next.  We can’t keep up.”

If you’re like Len, passionate, generative, ambitious, with a few adjustments in approach you can be more effective. For example:

  1. Remember, the introduction of any new idea is a change. Those affected will cycle through emotions change naturally stimulates.
  2. Be mindful of right timing for introducing the next new thing. Pace changes so a sense of stability remains in tact.
  3. Link new ideas to present-day reality. Demonstrate the connections between the old and the new. It makes the new feel less foreign, disruptive, burdensome and more like a logical next step.


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