If you’re sitting at your desk, or standing at your workstation, doing the minimum, hoping the day will end soon, too bad! You’re dying a slow death and you’re contributing to the demise of your employer.

Anyone can have a slump. You just don’t have much energy and, in a way, you don’t even care. You feel low, less creativity and unproductive. Low periods, in brief episodes, are part of the rhythm of life. But, if this quality of energy becomes more characteristic than it is exceptional, your job performance and relationships will be affected. Intended or not, you disempower yourself and dishonor your potential.

Attend to your energy. Movement can absolutely boost your mood. Take a stroll down the hall or a walk around the block. And, of course, seek professional support, if needed. Your good vibes and positive attitude make a difference in the workplace and to everyone around you.



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