The Struggle Is Real

Fear of failure is pretty widely accepted as a real thing. But its lesser-known counterpart, “fear of success,” can look and feel the same. Both have similar consequences. Fear of success can be characterized by anxiety fueled by the belief that if you’re successful at the thing you’re dreaming of, you’ll lose other things you value.

For instance, you’ll lose the time you spend with friends or family. You could lose important “me time,” or your standing among a cherished peer group. The fear could also be based on what might be added to your plate. More work or travel. More people making demands on you.

Fear of success stifles and stagnates. It can be very crippling – a real achievement killer. But recognizing it is a good first step. With that comes a better understanding of your personal priorities. Moving forward happens more easily once you understand everything that’s in play. Journaling can help you do just that.