Do you have a dream that you’ve just been too busy to think through and plan for?  Well, if you’re like a lot of people, you’re in a period of forced isolation that’s given you the gift of extra time.  Consider using it to propel yourself forward once the crisis passes.

Here’s an approach.  

  • Clarify your desired outcome. What is it that you want to accomplish and why.  
  • Educate yourself about your area of interest through books or other resources.  
  • Identify people from your contacts and social media with whom you could have an informational conversation.  Reach out to one or two of them each day.  
  • Keep a journal of your learnings, as well as ideas that surface.  You’ll benefit from the experiences of those who are further along on the journey you want to take.  
  • Now make a list of steps and resources necessary to reach your ultimate goal.  
  • Finally, put your plan into action, taking one small step after another.  Learn and adjust as you go.