At times like these, fear of getting sick, of losing a job or a business can be overwhelming.  Meditation and mindfulness are among the healthiest ways to manage this natural response to threat. 

Steven Cohen, co-founder of Meditation4Leadership, says most of us let our emotional states linger longer than necessary. We replay our fear or anger over and over – reliving painful situations in our minds.  Meditation can break that loop by helping us be present, right here, right now, in this moment, fully attentive and non-judgmental.  

Fear, which can be isolating, is compounded by the presence of the Coronavirus.  Such fear can cause us to feel unusually anxious.  Cohen says Mediation eases fear by calming the mind, which better enables us to address our fears by deciding if we want to take action or simply move on as we let go of the burdensome energy of fear. 

Easy Meditation Practice To Lessen the Impact of Fear

During the course of your day, when you observe the fear arise, take notice, try to take a pause, and take a few deep breaths. This can often work well to help dissipate the energy of the fear response, and return oneself to a “quieter” mind.

~Steve Cohen, Author of Leading From Within: A Guide To Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation