Fear Of The Unknown Is Choking Out Your Creativity

For most of us, uncertainty is frightening. We try to control as much as we can. We want to know what’s ahead, and what the results of our actions will be. This felt need can stifle our desire to explore and discover new things – in the personal and professional realms.

Creativity can stimulate feelings of uncertainty. Yet, innovation and ingenuity are unleashed when you embrace uncertainty. Stop letting your fear-of-the-unknown drive your thoughts and actions. Endure uncertainty to find original solutions – those uncommon practices, processes and products that address real needs in unique ways.

More frequently in your day-to-day life, step off your beaten path of certainty and onto the path less traveled – the one that’s just outside of your well-worn rut of familiar comfort. If your journey along your new route doesn’t turn out exactly as expected, course correct. You always have the power to choose again.

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