We Only Grow Old When We Stop Discovering New Things

Our lifelong journey of becoming is precious. At times, we find ourselves yearning for an end to challenges, change, learning and growth. Yet, the cold hard truth is the journey of personal discovery and growth never ends. We are always changing and evolving.

Where you are today, personally or professionally, is the result of where you’ve been. The good and bad that you’ve lived through have brought you to wherever you find yourself now. If you’re feeling satisfied with where you are, wonderful. If you’re not happy with your current circumstances, no need to beat yourself up, feel sorry for yourself, or lay blame. Discomfort or dissatisfaction is an inner call for your attention.

At this moment, and every moment, you have a choice. You can say, “YES,” to that inner call for change and move closer to a fulfilling future. Or you can ignore the call and continue living in your current conditions. How your future will unfold is largely up to you.