Do you wrestle with LIES – labels, illusion, excuses and stories — that cause you stress, raise your blood pressure, give you a pain in your neck, make your head ache, knot up your shoulders or make you feel sick to your stomach?

I had a wonderful conversation with a new client, we’ll call her Grace.  She was amazingly open and honest about who she is – her passions, preferences, goals and concerns.  Without judging others or making them wrong, she seemed to call it like she saw it.  She also gave herself permission, throughout our time together to laugh, make an “ugh” sound, and groan out loud.

Our meeting lasted for over an hour and half.  At the end of it, she said, “Oh, this has been great, so helpful.  I feel clearer, stronger, better.  I know what I want to do now.”

“Good,” I replied.  “I’m glad to have been a listener, a witness to what was on your mind and in your heart.”

Her eyes popped wide open.  “That’s it!  I needed to vocalize what I’m wrestling with in order to work my way through it.  Talking with you helped me empty out the garbage that was cluttering up the works.  I couldn’t see the issue clearly or sort out my feelings until I gave voice to what was going on inside of me.”

Grace’s comment was so on-point.  We all need ways to clear out the garbage that creates confusion and blurs our vision. Her idea of vocalizing is a good one and there are so many ways to do it.

I asked her about her usual ways of clearing out her mental and emotional clutter.

“I talk, like I did with you today.” She answered. “I sing, with or without music.  I don’t care how I sound when I sing.  Sometimes, I just make noise with my voice.  It makes me feel better.”

Then I shared the way I vocalize.  “I sigh.  Sometimes I scream, especially when I’m in the car.  I scream and drive.  It helps me release tension and it opens up my voice.”

She laughed and said, “I’ve done that, too.  It does feel good.  Gotta add that one back onto my list.”

“And,” I continued, “Journaling is a kind of vocalizing, too…a way of voicing what’s on your mind…a way of getting stuck stuff out of your energy field – your body, mind and emotions – and down on paper.  Once they’re out of your head and off your heart, you’ll have more space to think clearly.” 

Do you vocalize?  My suggestions:  Talk, sing, sigh, scream, journal.  Vocalizing what’s inside is good for all of us!  It helps us release stress-inducing LIES – labels, illusion, excuses and stories –and expands our sense of freedom and personal power.