Once the Coronavirus scare passes, Gallup warns that employee’s desire to work remotely may not.  Before our national lockdown, fifity-one percent of US workers said they’d quit their current job for one that allowed flexible working arrangements.  The off-site working trend, which has been growing steadily, is no longer a privilege.  Gallup says it has become the standard for fifty percent of the US workforce. 

They suggest that the percentage is about to explode whether companies are prepared for it or not.  Industries like finance, insurance, real estate, transportation, retail, manufacturing and construction are putting remote work policies in place.  COVID-19 has sped up the timetable for companies planning for what may be inevitable. 

What companies learn today about leading a remote workforce may become best practices in the near future. As Gallup says, “COVID-19 won’t be an issue forever. Remote work will be.”