When updating your resume, you might be wondering how far back you should go, or how much should you pump yourself up. If you’re in the process of readying your resume for immediate distribution, Forbes.com contributor Liz Ryan offers a list of things you can remove.

  • Any self-praising language like “savvy” or “senior-level. Ryan says language like this can hurt you because only fearful people praise themselves.
  • Jobs you only held one or two months that don’t matter.  If you didn’t gain skills that will help you land the job you seek, leave them off.
  • Jobs you held long ago—particularly if they make your resume longer than 2 pages. Reference what might be relevant up front, but don’t list the details.
  • Leave off tasks and duties like “prepared reports” or “attended meetings.” Instead, explain how you accomplished something unusual and important.

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10 Things To Remove From Your Resume Immediately