For nearly all of us, there are times when the pressure inside builds to overflowing. Brimming with angst of varying natures, we feel we’ll explode with the next drop of unwanted stress. It’s at that moment you need to a constructive way to open up and let out some steam.

My clients tell me that one of the best services I provide is that of a non-judgmental, empathic listener, in whose presence they can express what they’ve been unable to speak about freely. With me as their witness, they get to decompress. With less pressure inside their heads and hearts, they feel calmer, more centered. With a more relaxed state of mind and body comes clearer, deeper thinking, more effective decisions and more conscious actions.

To improve your state of mind and productivity, find ways to decompress. Certainly, talking out your concerns with a trusted, skilled listener is good step to take.


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