Dance-off-the-NastiesIn today’s pressure cooker world, having tools that will help you decompress, or shake off those occasional foul, grumpy feelings will make recovering quick and easy.  Just like pro athletes and other super stars, having a bad day can’t stop you in your tracks.  Your show must go on.

For nearly all of us, there are times when the pressure inside builds to overflowing.  Brimming with angst of varying natures, we feel we’ll explode with the next drop of unwanted stress.  It’s at that moment when you need  a constructive way to open up and let out some steam.

My clients tell me that one of the best services I provide is that of a non-judgmental, empathetic listener, in whose presence they can express what they’ve been unable to speak about freely. With me as their witness, they get to decompress.  With less pressure inside their heads and hearts, they feel calmer, more centered.  With a more relaxed state of mind and body comes clearer, deeper thinking, more effective decisions and more conscious actions.

Is there someone whose ear you can bend without fear of repercussion?   Someone who will understand your need to vent?  Having that trusted resource is important to hearing out loud what you’re holding in your heart.  Sometimes you’ll recognize how ridiculous you’re being.  Other times, you might talk you way to a solution after being given the opportunity to weigh all sides.

Going the professional route with a trained therapist or coach is a great way to be sure that there’s confidentiality and no chance of reprisal.

Let’s face it, like most people, you probably have those days when you wake up in a foul mood, feeling blah, grumpy, frustrated.  You feel off your game, off balance, just not quite your usual self.  Such feelings can and do grab hold of the best of us.  They make it harder to function at home and at work.

Here are a few techniques to try when you need to shake off the nasties:

  • For one thing, you really can just shake.  Stand up and shake your whole body as if you’re shaking off something that’s landed on your person that doesn’t belong there.
  • Go for a brisk walk.  Engaging your muscles, breathing deeply and getting your heart rate up can help shift your mood.  If your schedule allows, a trip to the gym or a quick run might be in order.
  • Play some uplifting music.  If you feel like signing along, do it!  And, of course, if your feet start to move in rhythmic motions, go with it.  Dancing can be a tremendous boost.

Take note:  these suggestions all involve physical movement.  Moving your body can be key to shifting your mood.  According to Princeton University and many other experts, exercise reorganizes the brain, making it more resilient to stress.

The lesson here: working out not only helps your body function better, it’s the key to more easily managing the difficult things life throws at you.

For more tips on surviving today’s workplace, check out my Office Talk Reports as heard on KYW Newsradio.  These 60-second tips will inspire, motivate and educate just like having your own life and career coach.


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