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Crying can be an indicator of pain, a call for attention, comfort or support, an expression of intense emotion. Crying can also be a way of relieving pressure, letting go of held emotions. Traditionally, crying in the workplace has been taboo, largely due to the long-held belief that tears make you appear weak, vulnerable, emotional, not in control, and makes witnesses uncomfortable.

Crying, an emotional expression as natural, normal and valid as raising your voice or banging on the table, can actually be helpful and even healthy. Recently, I’ve noticed men crying publically. Athletes like Zach Johnson, this year’s winner of The British Open, and Jason Day, winner of The 2015 PGA Championship, both shook with tears.

While tears in the workplace have traditionally been taboo, tears relieve pent up tension and may enable you to feel a sense of relief, focus better, and therefore, perform more effectively.

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