Are You A “Yes” Person Or A “No” Person?

The first response to just about any question for a “no” person is, “No.” Even if the answer turns out to be yes, the “no” person starts with “No.” “Yes” people usually begin with, “Yes,” or at least, “Let me see how I can help you.” Or “I can’t help you myself, but let’s figure out who can.”

Customers and businesses love “yes” people. They help to create and sustain customer satisfaction and good employee morale. “Yes” people demonstrate that they are willing to go the extra mile to fully respond to questions. They’re willing to delve into customer concerns, a colleague’s request or the boss’ pressing need.

Take inventory. Is there room to increase your “YES” quotient? If so, begin with the simple practice of more regularly saying, “Yes, let me see how I can help.” With more “yeses” than “nos” on your scorecard, you’ll boost the value you bring to your company…and to yourself.