Summer vacation is just about over. For many children and adults, this time of year gives us a special opportunity to build on past successes and start anew in areas where change and improvement are needed.

Here’s a strategy that can support your growth, and that of the youngsters in your life:  acknowledge the difference between “I can’t,” and “I won’t.”

Most of us CAN do most things.  CAN DO requires a decision and a willingness to summon the energy and commitment required to shift out of the negative, self-limiting “I can’t” mindset. “I can’t,” is one of the LIES That Limit.  Can’t is an Excuse, an expression of apathy, frustration, or fear of failure.  Respectfully and compassionately, ask yourself [or the other person] the million dollar clarifying question:  “Is it that you can’t, or you won’t?”

Own your power and choose consciously.

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